“Have a look about you, take in what you see. There’s a world around you, wherever you may be.”

It’s with a stiff neck I relay my only New Years resolution this year.

I need to stop looking down at my phone. 

I honestly thought I wasn’t that bad at all, but the aching in my first few vertebrae is clearly saying otherwise.

That, and I find myself increasingly frustrated with walking through crowds of people on the commute to work, and being walked into by outstretched hands grasping iPhones and tablets, and sometimes even Blackberries.

It’s here, on acknowledging the annoyance, I realise I would’ve been a faceless set of outstretched hands to somebody else, and I do recall on many occasions walking into others, so I now swiftly apologise to all I have walked into because I wasn’t paying attention.

I now undestand just how incredibly frustrating it is. 

It’s also an unfortunate shame, to be ensnared by your emails or latest news, or sexting your other half (I did laugh at this one – I was being nosey on the train once, but poor spelling quickly put me off) that you miss out on absolutely everything occurring around you.

One example, is my particularly spectacular walk to work.


The bridge I took that on, I walk across everyday. Around 50% of the people I walk along it with are head down, on their phone. There’s even a dude stood at the end, selling his magazine and always wishes me a good day. I’m not certain how many others look him in the eye and wish him well back, like I do.

Following him, I then walk up and around Trafalgar Square, past Leicester Square and part way down Oxford Street. Quite significant parts of London… but so few are looking up to take it all in.

And whilst I can understand the fatigue of routine, and myself only being relatively new to this commuting business, I’m not entirely convinced you can really get bored of the sights of London. 

It has to be more enthralling than what’s on your phone, surely? 

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