“I think I know who you are now, what exactly it was that drew me to you all those months ago.”

I have found my soulmate.

An unforgettable weekend with the man whom I love, and I’ve completely fallen for, has confirmed what I suppose I already knew. 

I have found the One.

I was never once a man who believed in us just having a single perfect match in this world. With 7 billion others, it seems almost impossible to accept there’s only one other out there, who is the best fitted for us. With such numbers to explore, it just could not be that there is not more than one other, who is our perfect match to share life’s adventures with.

Perhaps this is still true, maybe there is more than one perfect being for us. Maybe it falls down to just who of these perfect matches, we meet first on our life’s journey. But what if this notion, of our fairytale ‘one and only’ truly existed? What if there is just the One, that’s out there waiting for us?

I’m inclined to say there is, now. 

I cannot imagine wanting to share my life with any other. He is my one and only. 

Every second of our time together, fills me with a joy I have never experienced before. It is though every fibre of my being has finally come alive. I know what it feels like, to have the ultimate fulfilment.

I cannot imagine any other man bringing to my life all that he continually offers me.

I had the pleasure of watching him sleep again these past few days. To be able to hold him in my arms and feel his breath against my skin. To watch his chest rise and fall, and feel his heartbeat against my own. Nothing can compare to the feeling of being as one, with him. 

There is no question, that seeing the smile that I love when I wake in the morning, is possibly my favourite image I have of him. It is a sight I will never tire of, and I will it to be the case for every morning that I wake. One day, I hope. One day, it will be.

I have had the best few days. I really have. 

He has been embraced into my family as I hoped he would. They have taken to him, and all I’ve heard is good things on his departure. “When will we see him again?” They have asked, “You’ll have to invite him to this,” they have said.

Even he too, seems to have changed from the experience. I have never seen my love in a state of nerves, before. Albeit small, his conscious desire to impress and be the best he can be for me, brought on a noticeable wave of worry. 

I could feel my heart melt, when I saw he wanted to impress for me. It was all but liquified in my chest, when he shook my father’s hand, and I knew then he was in the family. 

His time here has also brought a sense of future to our pairing now, something he seemed once reluctant to consider. Life was always to be lived in the present, with a fleeting look towards the morrow. Now it seems, we have the beginning of our own infinity, firmly on the horizon.

I sit here now, as I write this, and can feel myself being able to breathe with no weight upon my shoulders. I have no worries at all, for the first time in my life. 

He has come in to my world and brought with it everything I never honestly knew I needed.

Isn’t that exactly what a soulmate is intended to do?


3 thoughts on ““I think I know who you are now, what exactly it was that drew me to you all those months ago.”

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I’ve been reading through your blog, when I can catch a minute or two. It’s entirely fascinating, and so eye-opening. Thank you for sharing it! 😊

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