So I forgot. A lot. And everything else, too.

So it seems I haven’t been around since August. I mean, really. August. Four months ago. I can’t believe it.

I cannot apologise enough dear readers for this absence. I’m not quite sure as to why it extended into such a lengthy period of time. My life has become a lot busier and I’ve had things happen here and there… but I just completely forgot to continue blogging. Oh dear.

I feel a brief rundown of the last four months is required. Go.

1. I started my Masters degree. I’m an Imperial student. Oh yes. It’s such a busy and demanding course, with plenty of reading and questioning and general thinking too hard it hurts my brain sometimes… but I love it. I’m loving it.

2. I have new friends! And spend more time with my old ones, doing fun activities. So with the new place, came new people, and so new friends to play with. It also made me realise I don’t see enough and do enough with those that I have grown up with. So that has been rectified.

3. Work has become a greater priority than I thought it would be. Work as in, employment work. With the masters and earning money to pay my way, and hanging out with my friends, I think the lack of time I had to sit and blog away is the single biggest reason. Damn time. There’s one more though…

4. I have a website. A proper one, about video-games. It’s a little pet project of mine I’ve been working on for a while, and it finally went live beginning of December. The little twist on it all is that it’s writers are up and coming; total newbies. People who want experience but can’t get experience without having… experience. It’s a cycle breaker, as it were. It’s been doing phenomenally well in its first few weeks – just broke 900 views today, and it’s only going to keep going up from there. Aaron is very, very pleased! You can check The Gametrium out just by clicking on it!

So that dear chums, has been my life the last few months – how have you all been? I will see you all again in the new year, so have a great one at that, and I look forward to getting back into the swing of things!



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