“If I won the lottery, I would build my own giraffe sanctuary and it’d be pure amazing”.

What a beautiful, beautiful week. I’ve got the best boyfriend I could ever ask for, I’ve been to the zoo, finished exam number 5 and have a couple more days till the final one before a few chill days at home with the mister. Then Mario Kart 8 is out and Katy Perry on the 31st. Ahhh life is so good.

Exams 1-5 have been as follows: Exam number 1 was spectacular, 2 was great, 3 was so-so, 4 was good and 5 was a ‘thank god that’s done with!’. Number 6 will be the worst, I know it. Least favourite module, least favourite everything. Can’t wait for it to be over…

…Mainly in part because I’m taking the mister out for dinner afterwards as a thank you for everything he’s done for me this month of exams 🙂 Putting up with the melt downs and the stress and not seeing each other as much… He’s been a star, and he deserves all the thank yous I can give. It’s just the start in a long line of them for all he’s done for me recently. Next part is his birthday beginning of June which will have to be a secret in case he reads this… (Didn’t think I’d be silly enough Matt to let it out on here would you?!).

I also went to the zoo this week, and it was beautiful. Today’s title is inspired by the mister’s rather deeply rooted love of giraffes. Somewhat hoping a lottery win isn’t entirely spent on building a giraffe sanctuary (*cough* student debts *cough* I want a new car and a holiday *cough*) but hey, it’s a far too adorable obsession to ignore. Jerry though, or Gerry (Sp?) needs to calm down a bit dude. He did not make a good passenger today 😉

But the zoo! The zoo! To get back on point. I love zoos. We visited a fairly well known one, Marwell down in Winchester, which is distinct for it’s complete lack of lions and tigers… but made up for these essential zoo aspects in every other way. Mainly the sun, and lemur selfies and the walking through the enclosures with so many beautiful birds and the meerkats! I just love meerkats. My favourite part though, was it being out first proper ‘outing’ as a couple. Perhaps ‘date’ even.

Our schedule and life has dictated far too much for us up to this point. Be it money, or time, or any other silly reason that’s got in the way, but we’ve never had a day out for just ourselves. It was brilliant. I loved every minute of it, except maybe the driving as he really pisses me off when we’re in the car, but it was magical 🙂

I just can’t wait for exam number 6 to be done with and then a summer of doing whatever the hell we want awaits. I cannot wait!


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