“We’re going to be A-class human beings in no time… we’re already more superior by being here”.

So I’ve been at home just under two weeks now and, something I initially thought I would dread, has actually been a rather pleasant and entirely welcome surprise.

Apart from the need to do revision, something I have yet to start as I set aside my first week home as a period of relaxation and general doing nothing because I now can, I’ve relished the presence of food in the cupboards and the many other home comforts I never realised I missed.

I’ve also taken up running. Yes, really I’m now into running. My best friend has been on at me for a while now in going out and doing it; I dabbled in it last year going on the occasional run from January to March but I hated it. However, the last couple of months I’ve become aware of the appearance of a few extra pounds here and there and the final straw came last week when, trying on my suit it didn’t quite, suit.

So now we’re running, and I have to say I’m enjoying it a hell of a lot more having a buddy to run with. After a few trial runs last week we’ve decided to train up for a 5K, not by entering a race (well not yet anyway!!) but following a programme to build up to a 5K. There’s a part of me that already is thinking about going for a 10K!!

Despite all this though, in the back of my mind I can’t shake off this little voice reminding me that this is my last Easter holiday as an Undergrad. It’s a sad thought that this is well and truly it; in 51 days time I will have finished my last exam and will be free from student life. What I’ve known for the last three years will end and I’m well and truly out in the open water of being an adult.

I am looking forward to it all, though. Being free that is. From the day I finish I have so much planned! I’m seeing Katy Perry the 31st May, the boyfriend’s birthday is the 3rd June, I’m going to Alton Towers with my housemates and best friend for a couple of days the week after, my Uni’s summer ball that weekend and then hopefully straight off to America for a few months. Life will be hectic but that chaos and busyness is entirely welcomed.

At the moment though, I’m quite happy to chill and take a break and sit in my car whilst the mister is in an interview. Yes, today’s blog arrives courtesy of boredom and having internet. Au revoir!!


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