“…so how’d you do the title page?”.

So that’s it, it’s done. My dissertation was handed in over an hour ago, albeit with a fluffed up title page courtesy of the fools printing it, but it’s done.

I’m currently lying on my sofa, glass of well deserved alcohol in one hand, phone in the other, Jeremy Kyle on the TV and a very sleepy housemate snoring away in the chair beside me. A week of sleepless nights and mounting stress has now reached it’s culmination and I am literally relieved, overwhelmed and just everything at once.

I don’t know what to do with myself! It’s like an enormous weight has disappeared and suddenly this prospect, this thing they apparently call ‘free time’ now exists. How do I spend this lucrative currency of ‘free time’ now afforded to me? I may need to draw up a list.

The boyfriend is coming over later on, the best friend arrives tomorrow and a day will be spent watching films and being lazy, and doing nothing productive at all. A perfect day, in anyone’s opinion.

For now however, a few hours kip is in order. I cannot wait to be consumed by that beautiful, beautiful feeling of drowsiness and to fall under the spell of sleep. What a relief knowing I don’t have to wake up for anything…


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