So on the 6th March, I took my brother to go see Beyoncé. He’s a bit of a Beyoncé nut – note, megafan – and so for Christmas just gone, purchase of tickets for her tour were in order.

And to be fair, after seeing her last May on incidentally the same tour which we saw on the 6th (you’d expect something different despite the same name and a new surprise album) she was absolutely amazing. World class, top notch… Da best.

But to be fair to her… she didn’t need to change it. Her show was from start to finish insane. The singing, the dancing, the effects, the staging… it was all what you’d expect from Beyoncé. This time was no different; it was near enough the same slick and superbly crafted spectacle from start to finish. Half the show this time around did consist of songs from the not-so-great self-titled album, but even then, these new songs offered nothing spectacular in terms of staging and effects – new songs involved a recreation of the corresponding video and her rather well used video wall which, she loves to rely on in er… every tour she does.

Let me add though, as this sounds overly negative on a far too comparative note – It was an amazing night. So yes, it was all too samey and not as different as it could’ve potentially been, but it detracts little from the fact Beyoncé is THE best at what she does. Her live vocals are unmatched, with 1+1 (my favourite of the night) and Love On Top proving no one can saaaaaang like Beyoncé can and her dancing in pretty much every energetic number was as always is; utterly flawless.

If you’ve never seen Beyoncé live, you most definitely should. It’s an experience in life everybody should have, regardless of how much of a fan you are. For the sheer spectacle, the voice, the dancing… It’s out of this world. The Mrs Carter Show for me, was an event only worth seeing once. Whilst it changed my opinion of the absolute rubbish Beyoncé album to one allowing me to listen to it in full on the odd occasion, I can’t help but think the continuation of the tour into 2014, with it’s announcement mere weeks after the album drop, was more a well decided cash in than a genuine tour for the album and more importantly, the fans.


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