“This time I’m gonna take the crown, without falling down, down, down”.

It’s 1:57am and I really can’t sleep. I blame the week I’ve just had for throwing my circadian rhythms completely out of sync from where it should be. Really, it’s been mental.

Life in general has just been non-stop work, work, work. It’s the last term of Uni after all, I expect no less. I have two weeks left before Easter break and revision for exams has to start. I have to ace these exams, I really do. The last three years of my life rest in how these 6/7 exams go (I can’t remember the exact number, oops). Once the dissertation is out the way – 26th March cannot simultaneously go away and come any sooner – I genuinely don’t know how I’m going to feel once that’s handed in. A drink will be in order though… Maybe three.

Outside of Uni, I’ve not been happier. Life is just… full of vigour. Vibrancy. I have an entirely blank canvas to look forward to once Uni is over. Each and every day passes adding a new colour, a new tone or shade to use to paint my portrait of the future. Expanding the palette now will lead to nothing short of a masterpiece.

Jobs have been enquirer about, Masters degrees applied for. It’s all just waiting a game at the moment. An interview at the end of the month for Camp America is the gateway to an opportunity that I’ll never have again. A summer in America; what greater reward for the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into my degree.

My friends have been all the more important recently. I don’t know why, but it’s just felt like I should hold them closer, enjoy what time we have together. My best friend is around more than ever, visiting me at Uni and is going out when I’m at home, sharing some of the best moments of my life so far – and no, not all of them have involved alcohol!

My time with my housemates has been less now than it ever has been. Work, our personal lives, my boyfriend – yes boyfriend, go me! – have been the cause of that, but it’s an entirely natural part of where we are in our lives at the moment. So the time with them, is all the more precious.

And the boyfriend. The boyf. The bf. Where do I start? I don’t even know. I was concerned that where I am right now, I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t do a relationship. I could juggle life, uni, work all fine and dandy, but then have this other person have to fit into that, I wasn’t sure. I went a bit meltdown. I realised though, deep down, that I just had to make the time. I had to have him in my life. I’m the happiest I’ve been since… well, this is it. My happiest.

I hope upon reading this Mister you take every word as the truth. I’ve never been this happy before. And it’s all down to you.

Now onto bed. I’ll just have to tell you about my night with Beyoncé tomorrow. ’twas amazing!


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