“Well that was easier than I thought it was gonna be”.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I’m not sure where to even begin with the retelling of the last two weeks of my life. So much has happened I’m not sure whether to lay out the account by importance or chronology. Perhaps in order of occurrence, that makes most sense really doesn’t it?

30th January – Housemate’s 21st
One of the best nights out I’ve ever had, ever. We got him absolutely wasted, me and my housemate got absolutely wasted and we just had a totally amazing night. It really hit home how strong a friendship I have in both my housemates; they’re two guys I possibly couldn’t imagine life without now. We really have gone through the biggest part of our lives so far together.

The part of the night where I chucked my guts up in the toilet and shower though, not so great. Nor the collapsing on the bathroom floor. Oh and Mr 21’s drunken pissing episode where he severely misjudged the location of the bathroom and instead pissed literally EVERYWHERE upstairs. Haha, something we promise to never let him forget!

31st January – A Special Someone…
Technically, I knew him before the 2:30am meeting we had on the Thursday after my housemates 21st and yes, maybe being hideously drunk wasn’t a completely brilliant first impression, but I’ve met somebody… and he’s stuck around. This far, at least.

Things are going remarkably well, amazingly well even. I’ve never felt like this with anyone before. We just seemed to hit it off almost instantly (we had been talking for a fair while beforehand, and yes being totally off my face probably helped on my end) but it was almost instant. I’m so thankful for the alcohol-induced confidence and spontaneity afforded to me that night, otherwise I more than likely never would’ve met him.

I’m not one to talk much about my emotions out in the open; my housemates and family knowing all too well how quiet I keep sensitive matters unless totally off my face. I’ve never been much of a talker when it comes to how I feel; so to find myself one day, completely sober, randomly saying to my housemate “You know what, I really really like him. I mean I really do. I can’t explain it” – completely out the blue took us both by surprise.

I think I’m falling for him. Hard.

1st February – Telling the Family
I dropped the G-bomb on the family. Rather, my brother did. If it wasn’t for him I don’t know when I would’ve done it. His complete disregard for sensitivity and other people’s feelings have for once worked absolute wonders; he’s a true pro at reading situations and saying possibly the worst thing you could ever say at that moment of time.

So cheers bro, you did me a favour. The family have taken it remarkably well. I don’t know why I’m surprised because I knew all along, deep down it’d be cool. Just something held me back. There’s been a lot of questions, which is expected and I’m more than happy to answer them. I hoped and prayed the day I came out would be as easy as it has been, and that life would continue to be as it was. So far, so good.

5th February – Real Life Starts Now.
Job applications have commenced. One has been sent off, 5 more to go. My life plans have slowly started to unravel as I’ve jumped further into what I think I want to do in my life. More so now, what I know I completely want to do. I’ve also firmly decided one thing completely: Camp America.

Life is only just beginning for me, and I literally have the World at my fingertips. There are so many experiences and opportunities I have available to me it’d be silly to not take up the once in a lifetime chances I can go for.

I’ve never been this excited to look to the future before.


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