“This receipt is the best piece of orange paper I have ever had. Ever”.

I’m home for the holidays. Oh yes.

I am so glad the term is over with. Third year has been such a mix of emotions so far. I’ve loved it and I’ve hated it. I’ve been happy, I’ve been in tears. I’ve been stressed, confused, excited, ill and nervous. It’s been so many emotions and feelings spread out over ten weeks it’s just been… indescribable.

It’s been a time where I’ve sat and thought, “Yes. Uni does change you”. It’s an experience like no other. And I’m so glad I’m experiencing it.

I now have until January 13th at home. I have work to do but it can be done at a leisurely pace. No deadlines. No early morning starts. It’s time to relax a bit and just enjoy the other side of my life: my family. To release the inner child and give him a fair bit of a run about.

Have yourself a happy holiday dear reader, whatever you find yourself getting up to. I’ll see you in the new year for all that 2014 has in store.


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