“I’m not actually that much of a fan tbh”.

I sound like a broken record already, but what a lovely start to the weekend so far! Having the day off labs on Friday was ace, as was the Dr Who 50th Celebration.

It was pretty cool to see all the behind the scenes stuff of what goes into making the show. It’s crazy how much you take for granted when you watch it and other programmes on TV, how you don’t think people have actually sat for hours designing and putting together costumes, doing makeup and hair and actually writing the script of what you’re watching! It literally is the collaboration of hundreds of specially skilled people coming together. It’s amazing.

The panel sessions we attended though had to be the highlight of the day. Sylvester McCoy, Matt Smith, Steven Moffet, Jenna Coleman – who is actually stunning by the way – all together just chatting about the show and answering audience questions. It was pretty cool.

I’m not even that much of a fan of the show, I mean really, I’m not. I jumped on the Matt Smith bandwagon and have been hooked enough to stick with it. Will I watch when Peter Capaldi takes over? Sure, he deserves a chance but if he’s shit I’ll have no hesitations in giving up with it. I’m not a Whovian. But all that said, I definitely have come away a whole load more informed and far more respectful of the longest running Sci-Fi show on the tele (they loved driving that point home).

Plus we saw Boris Johnson – Mayor of London, folks – on the tube on the way home. That kinda made my day.


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