“I have standards you know boys”.

Another amazing weekend to round off the blood, sweat and tears of the past week.

Yesterday was my best friend’s birthday; 21. How old. We’re off to the Dr Who 50th Celebration on Friday, that’s as good a treat for any self-confessed Whovian I reckon. Also cements me still as best present giver ever, a title I take very seriously. Had a super lunch at Las Iguanas too, which really set the stomach up for the large quantities of alcohol I consumed last night.

Ha… when you don’t drink for a while, it goes to your head really quickly.

Luckily I’m not too hung over this morning. Trusty H2O in copious amounts holding the headaches and nausea at bay. Top tip: go to bed with a water bottle, not a random stranger. It actually stops you feeling bad the next morning.

I am still in bed though as I type this. Suppose I should get in the shower really. But I don’t want to move…


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