“…and we’re gonna let it burn burn burn”.

What a sick weekend. So nice to chill out and forget about the science for a couple of days.

It was bonfire night here in the UK (it wasn’t, it’s the 5th of November but just roll with it. My family moved the celebrations for when I was at home) and I took my housemate home with me to meet the fam – no homo, I swear – and see exactly where I get my craziness from. And have my nan feed him up, which she did a stellar job at.

Bonfire night, by the way for all you non-British folk, is an odd little holiday we celebrate on the 5th of November with food and fire and fireworks to remember, remember the failed attempt to blow up parliament many years ago. It makes no sense, but who doesn’t love fireworks so no one questions whether it really should be celebrated.

We have a party/gathering every year at our house, as a trade-off for not hosting Christmas, and something always goes wrong. Last year my grandad had a hole burnt into his trousers, one year we burnt a bush down in our garden… and then the neighbour’s side went up, and we just let it burn burn burn. This year, we had fireworks that exploded on the ground and tied a few together to get one giant explosion of colour and ‘oooohs’ and ‘aaaaahs’. Yeah, didn’t work.

Instead we feared for our lives, ate more food than humanly possibly, including this cheesecake clearly crafted by gods, and played far too many rounds of Mario Chase and Wii Party U. Nintendo if you’re reading this, I helped you sell a Wii U this year. You’ll probably notice it as quite a big peak on your sales charts so slide me some profits, I’m doing a better job than your advertising department.

Weekend was topped off with breakfast at Frenny’s (Frankie and Benny’s) yesterday, and it was glorious. As were the staff. And the free mug.

Aaron’s content with life again 🙂


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