“and… breathe”.

A rare afternoon off has occurred today. Dissertation work has taken another step up, it’s now completely taken over all my waking hours. My life is nothing but blood and platelets. I’m supposed to be in a lecture now, but I needed some time off. I just need a break.

We were told from the very beginning the more we put in, the more we’ll learn from it and the more we’ll ultimately enjoy it and get something out of it. Whilst I believe it, and it has proved true so far, I’m just so drained now. Trying to remain positive is difficult when literally everything, and I mean everything, fucks you off. And your experiments aren’t working. And you’re using your own blood and you fucking hate having your blood taken. Eurgh.

Beyoncé is currently my way of surviving the madness going on. Sorry Brit, but Queen Bey just knows how to inspire. I know I gotta work, bitch but the pipes on that woman. Living legend. You can do anything because, well, Beyoncé.

Off to go while away the night doing sweet F.A.


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