“It’s happened, hasn’t it?”.

It’s now part way through week three, and everything has kicked up a few gears. I am not one to usually let stress get the better of me; granted, I’m excellent at moaning about small, insignificant things and say they bother me, but they don’t. Not really.

Now though, even the smallest of things are beginning to grate on me. It’s not that I’m even particularly stressed out. Yeah, I have work to do as does everyone else, but I think the importance of every essay and this massive dissertation I’m working towards has finally hit home. I’m working for 2/3s of my degree this year. The rest of my life depends on what happens in the next four or five months. That is terrifying.

I found myself getting pissed off with my mouse, for taking too long to connect to my iMac today. It takes mere seconds normally and as the batteries are running low, it probably took only a few seconds more. Still, I caught myself getting agitated at it. That’s not good at all.

For the rest of the week and into the next, I’m going to try be more relaxed. It’s unhealthy to be bothered by insignificant things, and I know it can easily build up into something else entirely if left untreated. So my goal for next week: not to be a stressy little git and put things into perspective before freaking out.


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