Ellie Goulding.

Took my brother to see Ellie Goulding yesterday. Well, I was going to see her anyway and had a spare ticket so took my brother. She was pretty damn good to boot.

I’ve been a fan of her music since she hit the scene a fair few years ago, and have always wanted to go see her live. I always imagined her as the kind of person who’s music makes a whole load more sense when she’s singing it live in the flesh. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved both her albums and her voice is so beautifully different, but from seeing her performances here and there she just has this extra energy which isn’t there in the recorded tracks. And I was so right.

The atmosphere from the moment she walked on to the moment she left was electric. It was unlike anything I’ve experienced before; it felt like a night out on the town and Ellie just happened to be out too, and everyone around us massive fans and she just thought ‘fuck it, I’ll give you all a song or two’.

She was so relaxed and carefree it brought the night to a more personal level; the connections each and every person around her had with any number of her songs were just that little bit stronger. I know I got slightly misty-eyed at ‘Guns and Horses’. Oooh.

She brought intimacy to an audience that were packed in like sardines, picking out faces she recognised from past gigs and thanking those that have followed her from the very beginning. I would definitely go see Ellie again in the future, when another album is under her belt. The only thing that concerns me is with her rising popularity, I can imagine her moving onto larger tours and I’m not quite sure her style and intimacy will translate in the same way to over 20,000 odd people.


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