“This is gonna be hard work… I know it”.

It’s almost the end of my first week as a third year biological sciences student. Or as a finalist, as I’m so depressingly reminded. It’s scary to think how quickly this week has gone by, and that in nine weeks time it’ll be the Christmas break which is only four weeks long, and then ten weeks after that it’s Easter, and then exams and then I’m finished. When you think of it like that, the real world is pretty much walking up the garden path ready to knock on my door any minute now. I don’t want to let it in just yet.

Lectures so far don’t feel like third year. It was noticeable last year that second year was harder than first from the very beginning. Perhaps it is just because this is an extension of what we’ve already learnt, or that my brain has engaged to the higher level of functioning ie. being able to cope with degree level science now, but it seems no different. What does, however, seem like it’s going to be a killer, is the dissertation.

Lab training begun on the second day, after a formal meeting on the first. I think it took us all by surprise just how stuck in we’re expected to be this early on. It’s noticeable how different working in a real, functioning lab environment is to one set up for practicals and tried and tested science. I’m looking forward to it, and finalising what exactly my research is going to be on. I just have this horrible suspicion the next nine weeks are gonna open my eyes up to a whole new world of science. The real world, in essence and I don’t know if I or my fellow students are going to like what we’ll see…


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