“Stand up. Introductions. You. GO”.

I should probably introduce myself.

My name’s Aaron. Nice to meet you.

I’m 20, I live in the UK and I’m a scientist. Specifically a biologist, more precisely one in training. In six months time I’ll have my degree, and that’s pretty much tomorrow if you make it all relative. I’m a biologist, doesn’t that sound good.

I like life. I like Britney Spears, I like Beyoncé. I like Pokémon, I like sharks and dinosaurs. Michael Bublé is the closest to a god than anything else on this planet, except maybe Tom Hardy. Kelly Clarkson is also totes amazeballs.

I’m an utter clown, a total goofball who regresses to childlike states far too frequently. Disney, music, tv shows… why let it go just because I’m an adult now? (technically, in the UK at least). It’s no fun being serious all the time, and with my toes dipped firmly in the sea of science I need a life outside the lab. I’m serious when I need to be, ferociously on the ball and pretty damn good at what I do (if I may say so myself) but I need ‘another Aaron’ to keep me sane. To keep me balanced and happy.

I also like videogames. Mainly Nintendo. Boy do I fucking love Nintendo. And reading, which is pretty handy seeing as I work in a library. Mainly anything BUT crime, can’t stand the crime genre. Always far too obvious for me. Ha, I sound like such a smart arse.

So that’s me, a wholesome little kooky biologist. in a virtual nutshell. How about you?


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